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Easiest Cookie Cake Ever!

  I have to give the credit of this cookie cake to my little sister Parker. She has mastered the cookie cake, and everyone always loves it! This cookie cake is DELICIOUS and SO Easy! Here’s all you need: 1 … Continue reading

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Birthday Month!

Jeremy was born on December 20th, so most of the time Jeremy’s birthday would be combined with the holiday celebrations. Even I was guilty of combining his “birthday and Christmas” gifts! I didn’t think it was fair that Jeremy didn’t … Continue reading

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Perfect Christmas Gift!

I got the idea of cookies in a jar from Bakerella¬†and Make It Do. Living on a budget I was trying to figure out a gift that was thoughtful and economical. I made these for 12 of our friends. It … Continue reading

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About me

The Definition of Consume: 1- to eat or drink especially in great quantity 2- to enjoy avidly 3- to engage fully, engross 4- to waste or burn away   This is my journey into adulthood. Jeremy and I got married … Continue reading

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