Birthday Month!

Jeremy was born on December 20th, so most of the time Jeremy’s birthday would be combined with the holiday celebrations. Even I was guilty of combining his “birthday and Christmas” gifts!

I didn’t think it was fair that Jeremy didn’t get to have a day all about him just because he was born near our Saviors birthday. I found a post somewhere on pinterest about celebrating their birthday an entire month. On the post they suggested giving them a little something or a little treat each day leading up to their birthday during their birthday month. I adapted from this idea and here is my take on how to make someone you love feel special by creating their “Birthday Month.”

2012-05203_2 20 days 1

Since Jeremy’s birthday is on the 20th I created 20 Days of Jeremy.

I asked his family, my family, his grandparents, and his best friends to email me a special memory, favorite story, or what they admire about his character.


I put the letters into word files and printed them on resume paper. Every day when he gets home from work he has a letter from someone he loves and a small gift waiting for him!

 20 days of jeremy 8 20 days of jeremy 20 days 3

I couldn’t believe how much he has loved it! He feels so loved, and it has been the highlight of his day!

Ideas for “Birthday Month” daily treats:

  • favorite candy
  • favorite dinner
  • socks
  • boxers
  • favorite cookies/cake
  • movies he loves
  • seasonal things he would love (like in winter- a jacket, in the summer- a bathing suit)
  • clean his car
  • do something for him that he has been meaning to do but hasn’t had the time
  • massage from you
  • a coupon to watch sports for the whole night
  • Get creative! It really depends on what they love and need!
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One Response to Birthday Month!

  1. Blair Mize says:

    Love this idea…I could have the 20 Days of Bret since his birthday is on the 20th too!! 🙂 Stealing your idea for next year…don’t tell!

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