12 Dates in One Year


This is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, spouses, etc.

I got this idea from Shannon Brown who did 12 dates (one per month) for her husband for a Christmas present. I loved it! I was actually going to give it to Jeremy for Christmas. Then my sisters and I were struggling for what to get our parents because they have everything they want/need at this point in their lives. That’s when it came to us– this was the PERFECT gift for parents who have everything they need!

I know that Christmas is over, but this is the perfect ANNIVERSARY or BIRTHDAY gift! 🙂

You will need:

  • 12 ways to package each date (we used manilla envelopes, but you could use small boxes, cuter envelopes, etc)
  • Gift cards/ cash for each date- they all need to be paid for (that’s part of the gift!)
  • Come up with 12 dates they will like
  • A note explaining the gift: We wanted to give you the gift of time. Inside each envelope is a preplanned and prepaid date. At the beginning of each month you will open the envelopes to see what date will be that month. You will pick a day that month that works for both of your to do the date.

Date ideas:

  • Recreate their/your first date
  • Movie night in (include $1 for redbox and popcorn pack)
  • Movie night out (get a gift certificate from your local movie theater)
  • Golf (include g.c.)
  • Go to the shooting range (include g.c.)
  • Dinner at their favorite restaurant (this is usually one of the more pricey items)
  • Check Groupon and other sites for great discounts
  • Skydiving (include g.c.)
  • Bowling (include g.c. and socks)
  • Walk in the park
  • Picnic (include paper plates)
  • Spa night (include supplies)
  • Ice cream night (g.c.)
  • A weekend getaway to the beach, lake, mountains (ask friends who have a house they can stay in for the weekend)
  • Get tickets for a play they would want to see
  • Include traditions
  • Do a pinterest project together (you can find several from their boards and print the directions off- they can pick one!)
  • Basketball game, Baseball Game, Football game (depends on what you have where you live)
  • Coffee date (include their favorite coffee beans and a gift card to their favorite coffee house)
  • Go to the dollar tree and buy 5 things you wouldn’t buy otherwise (include $10)
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to the pool
  • Do something local that tourists come to your town to do (most people haven’t even done the “touristy” things in their town
  • Go to a local museum or art gallery (these are usually FREE!)

Get creative with this! There are so many more ideas- it just depends on what they enjoy.

**Make sure you plan ahead with this!!!**

Oh and by the way– they loved it! 🙂







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