“We’ve been BOOed”


I was taking Cale on a run, and I noticed a few houses that had “boos” on their front doors. It took me back to childhood, and I thought about how I couldn’t wait until we had kids so we could BOO people! Then I realized that we can do it now- I told Jeremy about it, and he was so fired up!


So we decided we were going to BOO our friends! You can give them whatever treats you want, but we went with cookies, Halloween trail mix (which I got the recipe from seevanessacraft), a mini pumpkin, and candy.



We wanted the slice and bake cookies that have the pumpkin in the middle, but of course the store was out of them. We cooked everything the night before and wrapped it up all pretty with Halloween caution/ danger tape as our ribbon. Oh- the most important thing is the riddle and boo sign! I got it from Christmas.OrganizedHome.com. You can pick whichever picture you like and print it straight from her website 🙂

So you have to do this. We had SO much fun! Jeremy was the getaway driver, and I was the one who put it on the doorway (because he wouldn’t do it “cute” enough). We even had to go back to our house after our first BOO and get tennis shoes for me because I couldn’t run fast enough in my boots. It is an adrenaline rush bc you drop this stuff off after it gets dark then you ring the doorbell and get in your car/ drive away as fast as you can. Of course, several of our friends had their windows open and were sitting at their tables eating dinner so I had to be very sneaky. Here are a few texts/pictures I got after the BOOing was done- some of our friends still haven’t guessed it was us! 🙂



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