I Can Finally Say It’s Done, But Not From Where I Thought I Would


I have been waiting for this day. The day that the renovations were DONE, and I could just enjoy my house! The day when we could have friends over and not have to apologize for the “construction.” The day when I could get home and just enjoy our complete house. Well “this day” turned out far different than I expected. Jeremy and I bought a house 9 months ago. We were SO excited and energetic and ready to make it our own. We bought it knowing it had great “bones.” We saw its potential.

Here are the before pictures:

iphonepictures254 iphonepictures255 iphonepictures259 iphonepictures261

The house was cozy and livable, but we had higher hopes for it. Jeremy and I got to work. I re-painted the whole house in gray tones (Sherwin Williams agreeable gray, accessible beige, and mega greige). And by “I re-painted the whole house” I mean I spent the whole summer painting. 🙂 Well, Cale and me of course! The night we bought the house we ripped up the carpet. We found a fun surprise below in the kitchen! iphonepictures282

Jeremy and I knocked the wall out of the kitchen, opened up the doorway into the dining room, and got new dry wall.

 iphonepictures303 iphonepictures355

The hardest part was by far the hardwoods. Jeremy and I spent endless hours laying them. He did most of the manual labor (I don’t think he trusted me with a finish nailer- he definitely didn’t let me use the saw), but I was his assistant and did all the little petty things. Cale of course was a huge help as well.

iphonepictures373 iphonepictures382

We lived on plywood for the first 3 months.

Finally the floors were done! It took a while for us to get the trim, quarter round, and the casings, but it polished everything off! The last step was the kitchen and R.S. Michaels from Auburn did an INCREDIBLE job! As of today, all of the construction is complete! Here are the before and after pictures. (!!!!!!)

Living Room:



iphonepictures663 iphonepictures662

iphonepictures595 iphonepictures598The Bedrooms:


iphonepictures264 iphonepictures266

iphonepictures607 iphonepictures606 iphonepictures604The kitchen:


iphonepictures259 IMG_4504-2



iphonepictures258 iphonepictures661


Well if you’re still with me you may be asking yourself why didn’t this end up the way you expected? I am not writing this post from my dear house that we worked so hard on. I am actually writing it from Birmingham, AL. Jeremy’s job was really tough hours and had been his first 2 1/2 years working in Auburn. We prayed about a new opportunity, but of course we were expecting the new opportunity to be in Auburn where we thought we would live forever. The Lord led us here to Birmingham. After the Lord making it VERY clear that we were supposed to move to Birmingham with Hoar Construction actively pursuing Jeremy, we made the leap. Jeremy accepted the job and gave his “2 weeks notice” in late November, and I found a full time job in 3 weeks. Yes- I found a full time job at Bumpus Middle School (Hoover) in less than 3 weeks after we found out we were moving. If that isn’t the Lord’s hand, I don’t know what is. And Jeremy’s sweet family lives in Birmingham and is kindly letting us (and our huge 90 pound dog that sheds all the time) live with them. We have a sweet sweet person renting our house who will love it almost as much as we would. So He has just taken care of everything. We are constantly seeing God’s providence in our move here to Birmingham, but it doesn’t make leaving Auburn any easier. We are leaving friends that we feel are irreplaceable, but we know He is wanting to use and mold us in this new place. I praise Him for being all-knowing and always in control. In several years we will look back and see His reasons for why we’re here, or maybe we won’t. Either way, I know He has his purposes. “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory forever and ever.” Ephesians 3: 20-21

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One Response to I Can Finally Say It’s Done, But Not From Where I Thought I Would

  1. Sarah Knight says:

    Brennan the house is SO beautiful! I can’t believe all the hard work ya’ll put into it – but it paid off so well! I hate that I never got to see ya’ll living in it and that you won’t get to live in the fruits of your labor but I am so happy that everything worked out for you and Jeremy’s move to Birmingham. I’d love to see you when I am home in March 🙂

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