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I Can Finally Say It’s Done, But Not From Where I Thought I Would

I have been waiting for this day. The day that the renovations were DONE, and I could just enjoy my house! The day when we could have friends over and not have to apologize for the “construction.” The day when … Continue reading

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“Good” Friday

I woke up with a heavy heart today. While I am SO thankful for Christ’s gift to us around 2000 years ago it was NOT a “Good” day for Him. I mean I am going back and forth because it … Continue reading

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Christmas Break

What a fun and much needed Christmas break! We are so blessed with sweet friends here in Auburn! We had dinner and played Dirty Santa before everyone left Auburn to celebrate Christmas elsewhere. I loved seeing all of my childhood … Continue reading

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About me

The Definition of Consume: 1- to eat or drink especially in great quantity 2- to enjoy avidly 3- to engage fully, engross 4- to waste or burn away   This is my journey into adulthood. Jeremy and I got married … Continue reading

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